Justice and security

Co-operation in the fields of justice and home affairs has also become more important to the EU in order to realise its goal of free-movement zone for people, goods, services and capital within its borders.

At the Tampere European Council in 1999 the EU set the objective of establishing itself as an area of freedom, security and justice. The aftermath of the terrorist attacks in the US on 11 September 2001 saw significant developments in European justice and home affairs activity. And the Madrid bombings in March 2004 underlined the need for effective coordinated action. Member states have been pressed into acting together to combat a perceived terrorist threat.

Mediterranean countries as well are facing increased challenges in the field of Justice and Home Affairs, such as migration, human traffic and terrorism. Working together on these matters is a common interest between EU and Meda countries.

The identification of priorities in each Action Plan will depend on the particular issues which are most salient for the partner in question and for the EU. Priorities nevertheless could cover issues such as border management; co-operation on migration; asylum; visa policies; measures to combat terrorism; organised crime, drug and arms traffic, money laundry; financial and economic crime as well as police and judicial co-operation.

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