European Neighbourhood Policy

A decade into the cooperation between the EU and the Mediterranean neighbouring countries, the Barcelona process is now going in a new direction. This new approach is directly inspired from the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), recently enacted in order to foster areas of prosperity, stability and security within all the MEDA countries.

The ENP is the new European external policy tool that is based on sustainable development through mutual cooperation and values.  It promotes economic and social reform, both for reasons of solidarity and stability. And by tackling poverty through employment creation schemes; funding health and education projects; the ENP promotes economic development by improving standards of the trade, investing in the environment and stimulating small businesses and entrepreneurs as well.

The backbone of the ENP is its Action Plans, primarily designed to meet the needs of each country and to complement the Barcelona process. A wide range of fields of cooperation are expected to stimulate a better understanding between the different cultures of the Mediterranean basin and intensify the exchanges, political pluralism and participation by MEDA citizens.

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