Getting News Value from the EU/MEDA Partnership -- What the Project is About

The policies and programmes of the EU/MEDA partnership can seem complex and remote from the average citizen. Policy making procedures can be long and complicated and it is difficult to find gripping stories or events.

Europe for Mediterranean Journalists aims to bring out the news value in EU/MEDA relations within the new European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP).

The programme wants to show that the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and EU-MEDA countries relations are worth reporting and that there are many interesting and innovative stories out there. It will create a network among journalists in the region and reinforce co-operation among media.

Through conferences, workshops and training, the programme will give journalists the tools and understanding to make the best use of the information provided by the European Commission, the EC Delegations, other journalists, civil society organisations etc.

Europe for Mediterranean Journalists is an 18-month long project. Sixty media organisations from Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian Territories, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey have been selected to take part.

The programme was launched with a major three-day event on May 29-31 in Brussels.

Each media organisation nominates one journalist to attend five information visits or workshops. Tailored programmes are organised for TV/radio and for print media. Activities take place in either English or French and the different media organisations participate depending on language capacity.

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