The Europe for Mediterranean Journalists network will give you the opportunity to contact colleagues from the region to help and advice or to exchange story ideas. 

As a start all journalists from the sixty media participating in the programme will form the network, but journalists from the Mediterranean region and from Europe are invited to join.

The idea is that if you are, say,  a journalist from Egypt and you are planning to go to Lebanon (or to Cyprus or to Poland), you can contact colleagues in these countries on the network and ask them for help in identifying good contacts or stories. They, in turn, can ask for your help when they need it.

The Forum pages of the network follow the thematic focus of the Europe for Mediterranean Journalists programme and you can post your story ideas, comments and questions before and after each session.

If, for instance, after coming back from a session in Brussels, you want to do a follow-up story and would like to know what the latest news on EU policy is from one of the countries in the region, you can contact a colleague in that country for assistance.

On the Your own Stories pages of the Forum, programmes and articles produced during the training sessions will be posted but members of the network can also post other stories related to the programme.

To join the network, go to register.

For more information, contact Sarah Bouchetob at