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eu4medjournalists.eu provides journalists from the Southern Mediterranean countries with extensive information and contacts on all aspects of European Union –Mediterranean relations and cooperation.

The main part this web-site is the journalists’ network section. Journalists can sign up to become members of the network and use its services, such as help from colleagues when travelling, tips on sources in other countries and much more.

eu4medjournalists.eu is part of the Europe for Mediterranean Journalists programme, that aims to bring out the news value in EU/MEDA relations within the new European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). Through conferences, workshops and training, the programme gives journalists the tools and understanding to make the best use of the information provided by the European Commission, the EC Delegations, other journalists and civil society organisations. The programme is financed by the European Commission. The web-site is linked to the Euro-Med Info Centre web-site, established by the European Commission, but the site is editorially independent. It is run by the European Journalism Centre, the International Federation of Journalists, the Thomson Foundation and BBJ Consult.

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Med Media News

Mon 28 January, 2008

Four journalists win the Second Euro-Mediterranean Journalist Prize for Cultural Dialogue

Four journalists from Belgium, Israel, Slovenia and Turkey are the winners of the Second Edition of the “Euro-Mediterranean Journalist Prize for Cultural Dialogue.” read more

Mon 28 January, 2008

Quatre journalistes remportent le Prix Euro-Med du Journalisme pour le Dialogue entre les Cultures

Quatre journalistes de Belgique, Israël, Slovénie et Turquie ont été nominés lauréats de la deuxième édition du "Prix Euro-Méditerranéen du Journalisme pour le Dialogue des Cultures". read more

Fri 21 December, 2007

صحافي لبناني يفوز بجائزة جبران تويني

فاز ميشيل حاجي جورجيو، المحلل السياسي الكبير لدى الصحيفة اللبنانية اليومية الصادرة باللغة الفرنسية "الشرق اليوم" (L'Orient-Le Jour) بجائزة جبران تويني للعام 2007، وهي الجائزة السنوية التي يقدمها الاتحاد العالمي للصحف وجريدة النهار اللبنانية لتكريم أحد المحررين أو الناشرين في المنطقة العربية. read more

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